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We both grew up in Montana, and after high school we even lived in the same town, but did not meet until Kevin returned from his mission. Kevin served in the South American Mission of Asuncion Paraguay and upon is return in 2001, we were introduced by none other than his match making sister, Janna. We have been married for 8 years. We have four children. Our oldest son, Carson is 8, Rosario (Rosie) is 4, Olivia is two and Benson is 6 months.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rosie says some funny things

Recently Rosie has totally cracked me up. Here are a few instances where she has said some pretty funny things. Well, at least they're funny to me.

1) I was cleaning up after dinner and Rosie was discussing her new Happy Meal Toy with Carson. He held out his hand and asked if he could see it and her reply was, "No it's expensive, I got it at McDonalds!"

2) Have you seen the Smooth Away, hair removal buffer sold on TV? Rosie was watching the commercial and she said to me, Ma Ma, you could get one of those cause you have lots of hair on your legs like Daddy. She also said something like, look she is using in on her face too? I was like, wow thanks Rosie. Hey it's winter and I'm not shaving everyday if I don't have to. By the way, my hair is not as long as Kevin's.

3) We rented a sedan while our van was at the body shop having some work done as a result of someone trying to break into it on vacation. Rosie is used to our van and has not really ridden in a car before. So after we returned the car and got our van back she said, "Mom what happened to the blue squished car we were driving. Why can't we drive the squished car, I liked it?" I asked her why she called it a squished car and she told me that it was squished like a pancake and held up her thumb and pointer finger making a small gesture telling me that it was not tall like our van, but really close to the ground.

Happy Birthday Carson!

Carson turned 7 on October 25th. We had a great day at the Fall Carnival in Missoula, out to eat at his favorite restaurant (HuHot) and celebrating at Grandma's house with cake. Just one year until you're baptized son, can't wait! Here's what he's up to as a 7 year old.

*Carson loves to play Mario Cart Wii
*He is very talented at drawing
*Carson enjoys reading, he especially likes to read the Magic Tree House series and Frog and Toad adventures.
*Favorite Food: Apples and Cheese Pizza
*Carson has two pet toads, Clyde and Kona
*He is in the first grade at Lewis and Clark Elem., his teacher is Mrs. Seder.
*Favorite sport: Soccer

The Visitors Center

The Visitors Center
When Kevin's dad was set apart to be Mission President of the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission the family went to Salt Lake City for the weekend. It was a great experience, and hopefully the kids will remember meeting an apostle of the Lord. I don't know when this many of us will be together for a picture so I'm keeping it on my blog until his folks return.