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We both grew up in Montana, and after high school we even lived in the same town, but did not meet until Kevin returned from his mission. Kevin served in the South American Mission of Asuncion Paraguay and upon is return in 2001, we were introduced by none other than his match making sister, Janna. We have been married for 8 years. We have four children. Our oldest son, Carson is 8, Rosario (Rosie) is 4, Olivia is two and Benson is 6 months.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cousin's Halloween Bash

It's great to have the cousins all together. They just love being with one another. We hosted a Halloween party for the cousins at our home and her are some pictures of our activities. We painted pumpkins in the front yard, had a costume parade around the block, played musical chairs, danced and snacked. It was fun to have them all together for such a fun holiday celebration.

The Visitors Center

The Visitors Center
When Kevin's dad was set apart to be Mission President of the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission the family went to Salt Lake City for the weekend. It was a great experience, and hopefully the kids will remember meeting an apostle of the Lord. I don't know when this many of us will be together for a picture so I'm keeping it on my blog until his folks return.