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We both grew up in Montana, and after high school we even lived in the same town, but did not meet until Kevin returned from his mission. Kevin served in the South American Mission of Asuncion Paraguay and upon is return in 2001, we were introduced by none other than his match making sister, Janna. We have been married for 8 years. We have four children. Our oldest son, Carson is 8, Rosario (Rosie) is 4, Olivia is two and Benson is 6 months.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Kevin and I are on the activities committee at church. Our second activity that we were involved in was this Halloween party. Janna (Kevin's sister) and her girls came over from Missoula and our niece Madison came to the party with us. Rosie was a ghost, so was Carson, Maddie was a princess, Laynee was Belle, Janna was Lumier and McKinley was Cogsworth the Clock. Kevin and I dressed up as Sarah Palin and John McCain but everyone kept asking who we were so I won't post those pictures. Next year we'll do a better job of putting together our costumes. It was a fun evening.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Vacation Slideshow

Family Vacation

The first weekend in October Kevin and I took the kids to Texas. My dad's side of the family generally likes to gather every year in Texas or Michigan or wherever we can meet up; this year we ended up in San Antonio. Even with high gas prices, rather than flying three children down, we decided to drive, yikes, it was a loooong drive, but great to have our own vehicle while there and get to stop and see things on the way back and forth.
My dad has 7 siblings so we have lots of fun when as many people can, join in. I love being close to my aunts and uncles and my cousins. All in all we had family from Portland, Seattle, the Detroit area, Houston, and Montana. In my family food is a big part of our getting-together. So we did eat great food while we were there both at my aunt's homes and at local restaurants. On our way down we stopped at an authentic BBQ joint that was so good. The smoke house was in back of the restaurant and the smells were amazing. Before leaving San Antonio we took the kids to Sea World. It was a reward for memorizing some of the Articles of Faith. I had always wanted to go too so it was really exciting for me also. When we left Texas we drove through Albuquerque, where we used to live just out of school. It was weird driving through there again for the first time since we moved to Las Vegas. I'd really like to go back though and see some friends and the local things we enjoyed while we were there. In Castle Rock, Colorado we stopped to see our friends the Whittens. We really miss our friends there, too. Allison threw me a baby shower when I had Olivia and her husband Kevin and my Kevin were home teaching companions. We also spend last Thanksgiving at their home, thanks Ali. They're a great family who we just loved getting to know while we were in Colorado. Emilee, their daughter was also a little friend of Rosie's and their two boys Jackson and Mitchell had a good time with Carson. When we stopped however they were in school so Carson was bummed to not see them.

It was a long drive, lots of miles traveled, lots of food, lots of people and things to see and lots of fun! It was a great break from the norm and our first official family vacation. I'm glad we made it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Rosie loves her new preschool. Two sisters from the other side of the river run it from home. Rosie's friends from Nursery, Jackson and Emma attend too so it's nice to meet new friends as well as having familiar faces to see each week.

Grandma and Carson, Playing the Wii

Turning "29"

My birthday was September 3rd. Just a few days after Olivia's. It was a great day, my mom drove over from Missoula to spend a few days with us and brought a yummy carrot cake that she made. She saved the frosting for Rosie to help her with. We sat around the house most of the day chatting and playing with the girls. It was so special to have her around on my birthday. That evening she watched the kids so Kevin and I could go out. How nice! So, my 29th Birthday turned out to be a great day. Thanks Mom!

The Visitors Center

The Visitors Center
When Kevin's dad was set apart to be Mission President of the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission the family went to Salt Lake City for the weekend. It was a great experience, and hopefully the kids will remember meeting an apostle of the Lord. I don't know when this many of us will be together for a picture so I'm keeping it on my blog until his folks return.